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Jukebox brings the noise from Columbus, Ohio.
Production could only be described as arctic space boogie.
Rhymes could only be described as neon jungle lava creep.


Slathering speakers in rap sauce since 2007,
Jukebox and his crew have self-released four albums.
As The A.K.E. Crew, they dropped their debut in 2008,
Stand Up, Speak Out Against Wack Rappers, followed by
Columbus Day in 2010. There was a brief signal interruption while
they shifted polarity and transmuted their magnetic constitution, ultimately
reforming as The Knuckleheads and dropping Underground EP
and Crew Cuts EP, (stardate : twothousandfourteen).


Following the release of these new horrors, Jukebox plunged back into the deep end.
For one mortal year he spent his time performing unspeakable assaults
on microphones and experimenting with how best to extract the pure
satisfaction of murdering instruments in cold blood. 


This year will bring Tales from the Black Hole, an album full of lullabies
 and the sound of sweet death that your ear drums thirst for.



Get ready.

This summer here come the Jukebox.




All music, images, videos, and designs © Karl Fekete.